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DARPA Spectrum Challenge Standardizes on USRP Product Family

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has recently announced the Spectrum Challenge, a competition that will require participants to develop intelligent radio protocols that improve performance in challenging and dynamic RF environments.  Ettus Research is proud to announce that the Spectrum Challenge has standardized on the USRP product family.

Evolving Wireless Technology, Crowded Spectrum, and the USRP Platform

As wireless technology becomes more pervasive in the lives of everyday citizens, the electro-magnetic spectrum becomes increasingly over-crowded. Driven by an escalating demand for mobile data capability, experts in the wireless industry are scrambling to find techniques to satisfy these with the limited amount of RF spectrum that is available. It is very clear that technology must evolve to use this spectrum more efficiently.  The USRP product family has, and will continue to be, a platform that contributors use to develop the technologies that improve the spectral effeciency of our wireless devices.